May 18th Election

Learn about the May 18, 2021 election happening in the Town of Cave Creek

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LocationElection TypeWhat's on the Ballot
Cave CreekBallot by MailProposition 461

Important Dates

  • April
    3 UOCAVA Ballots Mailed
  • April
    19 Voter registration deadline
  • April
    21 Early voting begins
  • May
    7 Last day to request a ballot by mail
  • May
    11 Mail in your early ballot by
  • May
    14 Last day to vote early in person
  • May
    18 Election Day

*As of Aug 9, 2017, voter registration deadlines falling on a legal holiday or weekend move to the next immediate business day, pursuant to changes enacted by SB 1307.

Town of Cave Creek Voters

The election happening in the Town of Cave Creek is a ballot by mail special election. State law allows for jurisdictions to to hold all mail elections and this means the county will automatically mail a ballot to every eligible voter. Proposition 461 will be on the ballot. To view the publicity pamphlet, click here.

How Can I Return My Voted Ballot?

Voters have options in returning their ballot. You could return it by mail, drop off your ballot at a voting location or a secure ballot drop box, or vote in person. Find one of these resources near you by clicking here.

I never received my ballot?

If you never received your ballot, or it was damaged, you are able to ask the Elections Department to send a replacement ballot by mail by calling (602) 506-1511 or emailing [email protected] no later than May 7, the last day to request a ballot by mail. You can also request a replacement ballot by visiting any voting location found at Locations.Maricopa.Vote until 7 PM on Election Night, May 18th.

Are there alternative formats available?

Voters are able to request a braille or large print ballot by calling (602) 506-1511. A Special Election Board may be requested for voters who require assistance due to a disability or confining illness. For more information call the number above or email [email protected] for assistance. Be sure to include your full name, residence address, contact information and date of birth for authentication purposes. Accessible voting equipment is available at all voting locations, as well as curbside voting for those unable to leave their vehicle due to a limitation.

What's on the Ballot?

Maricopa County's Elections Page

How are votes counted & secured?

Before a ballot can be tabulated there are multiple verification steps & safeguards that are put in place to ensure the ballot is valid. Counties must adhere to chain of custody protocols. This means that there is a log/paper trail for every single ballot. This includes all early ballots and all ballots at voting locations. Ballots are stored in secure locations and there is a live video feed to the ballot tabulation room for every county. Counties must follow the procedures manual for ensuring the physical security of all ballots. This includes the use of tamper evident seals, identification badges, the presence of two or more staff members of opposite political affiliations, audits, etc. To find more information about the tabulation process or security click the buttons below.

How Votes are Counted?

Election Security


Contact Information

County Recorder
Stephen Richer
111 South Third Avenue, #103
Phoenix, AZ 85003
T.D.D. 602-506-2348
[email protected]

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County Election Director
Rey Valenzuela & Scott Jarrett
111 South Third Avenue, #102
Phoenix, AZ 85003
T.D.D. 602-506-2348
[email protected]

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Voting FAQ

Voting FAQ

1. When are the polls open?
Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day. Don't forget your ID!
2. Can I vote early?
Absolutely. For the all mail elections voters will automatically receive a ballot in your mailbox beginning 27 days before the election. If you are living in an area not participating in an all mail election voters on the Active Early Voting List (AEVL) will receive ballots automatically. Voters not on AEVL may also make a one-time early ballot request or visit a replacement or voting location.
3. What if I have an emergency and can't vote on Election Day?
If a voter cannot vote during the early voting period, emergency voting is available beginning 5pm the Friday before Election Day through 5pm the Monday before Election Day. Voters must sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that they have an emergency that prevents them from voting on Election Day (voters do not need to disclose what the emergency is).
4. Do I need ID to vote early?
If you vote early by mail, ID is not required. Your signature on the early ballot affidavit is compared to your voter registration record by the County Recorder to determine if the signature is valid.

ID is required if you vote early in person, or at a polling place or voting center on Election Day.
List of Acceptable Identification
5. How can military & overseas voters (UOCAVA) get a ballot?
Military and Overseas voters have special voting rights under federal and state law (Uniformed & Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA)). These rights include the use of a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to register to vote and request an early ballot as well as the use of a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB), which serves as an emergency back-up ballot. Learn More
6. Do I have to vote everything on my ballot?
No, voters do not have to vote everything on their ballot. The votes they do cast will still be counted. However, we encourage voters to vote down the ballot as local races, propositions, judges, etc. can impact voters' daily lives.