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Current Legislation

The Commission has historically opposed all measures that negatively affect the Clean Elections Act on the grounds that they are typically poorly constructed, misleading or otherwise ill-considered. The principals and priorities outlined below were adopted by the Commission at the November 8, 2018 Commission Meeting.

Principles and Priorities

Oppose efforts to defund, eliminate or limit the Citizens Clean Elections Act and/or the Commission. For 2018 the Commission will monitor for legislation that attempts to:

  • 1. Supersede16-941(D), -942(B) and 16-901.01: Legislation may be considered that requires independent expenditure reports virtually identical to those in 16-941(D) at all levels, including a redundant report at the state level. Likewise a supervening of A.R.S. 16-901.01 is anticipated. The VPA expressly prohibits superseding legislation without a three-fourths vote and without furthering the purpose of the act. Ariz. Const. Art. 1, Pt. 1, § 1(14).

  • 2. Limit enforcement: The Legislature cannot limit the power of the Commission to enforce the Act or purport to make portions of the Act ineffective. This includes the power of the Commission to make rules governing the enforcement of the Act and production, distribution and development of Voter Education and other Clean Elections programs.

  • 3. Create Negative Changes to Campaign and Election Laws: The Legislature continues to expand, contract, and tweak current campaign finance and election related laws. Staff will continue to monitor and support and/or oppose each action as it is introduced.

  • In addition, the Commission will:
    • Monitor Expanding the Elections Procedures Manual: The Procedures manual is being drafted currently. It is not clear (and will not be for some time) whether that drafting will lead to further potential legislative changes or their scope.
    • Support Improvements to Voter Education and Access. The Commission has supported efforts to enhance voter education and participation through legislation that advances the anti-corruption and public participation values that undergird the Act.

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