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Enforcement Matters & Complaints

Any person may file a complaint against a candidate if it is believed a violation of the Act or Commission rules has occurred. The Commission staff may also initiate an internally generated complaint against a candidate.

Matters Under Review (MURs) through the 2018 election cycle may be accessed on this page. Enforcement matters for prior election cycles may be available online or by contacting the Commission. Click the button below to find out more about the complaint process.

How Complaints Work


The Commission also conducts audits to ensure compliance with the Act and Commission rules. Audits are completed by an independent auditing agency. Candidate audits are selected during election years after the Commission has disbursed funds to qualified candidates. Click the button below to find more information on the audit process.


Legacy Foundation Enforcement Matters

View more information relating to the Citizens Clean Elections Commission's enforcement matter against Legacy Foundation Action Fund.

Legacy Foundation Action Fund Complaint

Enforcement FAQ

How Do I File a Complaint?
The complaint must be written, sworn to, and signed in the presence of a notary public and notarized. The Commission will not accept verbal or anonymous complaints. Complaints should be delivered to the Commission's office. For additional information, see the Enforcement Process flow chart by clicking the button at the top of this page.

Where Can I Find a Copy of the Commission's Act & Rules Manual?
View the Act & Rules Manual.

Can I Email My Complaint to the Commission?
Yes, the complaint may be emailed. However, the original complaint must also be sent or delivered to the Commission.

Does the Commission Audit Candidates?
Yes. All participating candidates will be audited. The Commission may also conduct an enforcement audit during the course of an investigation. Audit findings are public record, presented to the Commission during a public meeting and will be posted on this web page.