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What is the E-Qual system?

The E-Qual system allows registered voters to securely sign a candidate's nomination petition and/or contribute a $5 Qualifying Contribution to a participating Clean Elections candidate online! Using E-Qual, voters are able to support candidates from the comfort of their own homes.

Candidates are required to obtain a minimum number of signatures to have their names appear on the ballot. Voters that wish to support candidates can sign a petition using the E-Qual system. Clean Elections candidates may create an electronic $5 Qualifying Contribution Form to collect $5 contributions from voters. Candidates who have opted into E-Qual may use the system to collect 100% of their $5 qualifying contributions and signatures.

What Information Do I Need to use the System?

Voters will need an Arizona driver license or Identification Card and their date of birth to log in to E-Qual.