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When to Change Voter Registration

Is your voter registration up to date? If not, it could impact how you receive a ballot. There are certain times a voter should fill out a new voter registration form to ensure the County Recorder has their most current information on the voter registration rolls. Check below and see if any of these impact you.

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Address Change

Voters that move should update their voter registration as soon as possible. Your home address determines what electoral districts you are eligible to vote in, such as city council district and legislative district, and determines your precinct. If you live in a county that uses polling places, your home address will determine which polling place you are assigned.

Please note that getting an updated driver license does not necessarily mean you updated your voter registration. If available, be sure to fill out the voter registration portion on a DMV form or use another method of registering to vote (see Register to Vote page for information on how to register).

Name Change

Voters that have a legal name change (perhaps through marriage or court order), should update their voter registration. Proof of identity is required when registering to vote and identification is required to receive a ballot on Election Day. Certain types of ID can be used at the polls, and the name on the ID should match the name on the voter registration roll.

Party Change

Voters that wish to change their political party affiliation should update their voter registration. Political affiliation can impact a voter's eligibility to vote in an election. See Party page for more information on political parties.