What is the Clean Elections Commission?

The Citizens Clean Elections Act, passed by voters in 1998, is administered by a five member, non-partisan Commission. The Act established a system for voter education, clean funding for candidate campaigns and campaign finance enforcement. The purpose of the Act is to restore citizen participation and confidence in our political system, improve the integrity of Arizona State government and promote freedom of speech under the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions.

Clean Elections Programs

Voter Education
The Commission has a robust voter education plan, developed annually in consultation with election officials and stakeholders. It focuses on educating voters about the logistics of voting as well as voting informed.
Public Financing
The Commission provides an optional public financing program to qualified statewide and legislative candidates. They must meet certain requirements, among them collecting a certain number of $5 qualifying contributions and agreeing not to accept contributions from PACs and corporations.
Campaign Finance Enforcement
The Commission enforces the Clean Elections Act, including the public financing program, and has the authority to assess civil penalties on both participating and non-participating candidates.
Clean Elections Fund
The voters of Arizona established the Citizens Clean Elections Fund, which is comprised from the following:
  • 10% surcharge on all civil penalties and criminal fines.
  • Civil penalties paid by candidates.
  • $5 qualifying contributions collected from participating candidates.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To implement and to administer the Citizens Clean Election Act fairly, faithfully and fully.

Vision Statement

Through the successful implementation of the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Act, the Commission seeks to improve the integrity of Arizona state government and promote public confidence in the Arizona political process.


The Citizens Clean Elections Commission was established by the enactment of the Citizens Clean Elections Act, A.R.S., Title 16, Chapter 6, Article 2. In addition to administering the provisions of Article 2, the Commission promulgates rules and enforces A.R.S. ยงยง 16-940 through 16-961.

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Contact Information

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