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Am I Registered to Vote?

Has it been a while since you voted? Did you have a change that could impact your voter registration, such as moving? Voters should verify their voter registration status before the voter registration deadline, and ensure all of their information is current.

Verify my voter registration

Voters can verify their voter registration status by using the Voter Information Portal, an online application managed by the Arizona Secretary of State. To use the Voter Information Portal, voters will need their Arizona Driver License or Identification Card, or their voter identification number (found on a Voter Identification Card issued by the County Recorder).

the Voter Information Portal will return the following information to voters:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Status (status of registration, such as "Active")
  • Reason (reason for the status, such as "Valid Registration")
  • Party (political party)
  • Permanent Early Voter? (indicates if the voter is on the Permanent Early Voting List, and will receive their ballots automatically in the mail)
  • Precinct Name
  • Districts
  • Election Voting History (not who you voted for, as that is not tracked, but if you cast a ballot in a certain election)
  • Registration Application (in case you need to fill out a new registration form)

What if I can't verify my registration?

Voters should contact their County Recorder directly. The County Recorder maintains the official voter registration list and can further assist voters. See our When to Change Voter Registration page for more information on updating your registration.

Voter Information Portal

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