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Lesson Plans for Educators

Citizens Clean Elections Commission, in partnership with expert curriculum writers, will soon release a civics classroom curriculum series for grades 4 through 12 covering a variety of topics - from democracy to elections and government to the political party system.

Coming Fall 2021

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Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CCEC), in partnership with expert curriculum writers, puts forth the Civics Classroom Curriculum as part of Clean Elections youth voter education and outreach initiative. The effort aims to educate the next generation of voters about every aspect of the political process and to inspire participation in voting. The curriculum is one prong of the youth voter initiative, which encourages young people to activate their political power.

Benefits of the Civic Classroom Curriculum

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Adheres to Arizona’s classroom teaching standards
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Unique lesson plans for different grades, from 4th-12th
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Applicable within more than one subject
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Designed with teachers in mind
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Designed to fit within a typical classroom period
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Engaging for students