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Considering running for office?

Arizona has statewide and legislative elections every two years (even numbered). All statewide offices have 4 year term limits and legislative offices have 2 year term limits.

Potential candidates should consider the following:

  1. What office you want to run for, and when it will be up for election.
  2. What are the eligibility requirements for that office.
  3. Is the election non-partisan, or are you running with a recognized party, or as an independent?
  4. How you will fund your campaign (traditionally or if eligible, clean funding).
  5. Who is the filing officer, and how to get the proper filing forms:
    • Secretary of State = federal, statewide and legislative offices
    • County Elections Office = county offices, such as Board of Supervisors and Sheriff
    • City Clerk = Mayoral and City Council offices
    • School Board = check with your County Elections Office to confirm. The filing officer can sometimes be the County Elections Office or the School Superintendent's Office. This can vary by county.
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