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IMPORTANT VOTING INFORMATION: In seven municipalities across Pinal County, early mail ballots were sent out with errors, specifically related to city and town election contests. Voters in some city/town precincts did not have municipal contests on their ballots. Meanwhile, in some precincts outside city/town limits (in unincorporated Pinal County), some voters received municipal contests on their ballots in which they are not eligible to vote. Federal, State, Legislative and County contests were not impacted.

The impacted municipalities are Casa Grande, Eloy, the City of Maricopa, Mammoth and Superior, PLUS the Pinal County portions of Apache Junction and Queen Creek. Maricopa County residents in Apache Junction and Queen Creek are not impacted by this issue. *If you are in an impacted municipality, please click HERE to learn how to vote.

Important Dates

  • UOCAVA Ballots MailedSaturday
  • Voter registration deadlineTuesday
  • Early voting beginsWednesday
  • Last day to request a ballot by mail*Friday
  • Mail back your ballot byTuesday
  • Last Day to Vote Early In PersonFriday
  • Election DayTuesday

*Important Date for Independent (No Party) Voters. Independent voters must choose which ballot they want to vote. If voting Democratic or Republican, you won't need to re-register. If voting by mail, voters must contact their County Recorder by July 22nd to specify which ballot they would like to receive (even if a voter is on the Active Early Voting List). Otherwise, the County Recorder won't know which ballot to send and one will not be mailed. If voting in person, a voter would ask the election worker for the ballot of their choice. The last day to vote early is July 29th!

What is the Primary Election on August 2?

Each recognized political party holds a primary election to nominate candidates. The candidates that win the nomination in the primary election advance to the general election. Arizona has an open primary which allows voters registered as “independent” to participate by designating to their County Recorder which partisan ballot they would like to receive.

Independent Voters

Arizona has an open primary, which means all registered voters can participate in the election, including independents. Independent voters can vote early by contacting their County Recorder with their preferred party ballot by July 22nd (Note: Independents on the Active Early Voting List must tell their County Recorder which ballot to send them if they wish to vote early). Or, independent voters can visit their voting location and choose their preferred party ballot on Election Day. For more information, click the button below and see the FAQ's.

Independent Voters

Ways to Vote

Early Voting

Early voting begins on July 6th, 2022. Voters are able to vote by mail or visit an on-site early voting location. The Pinal County Recorder's Office will be serving as an early voting site and is located at 31 N Pinal St. Bldg. E Florence, AZ 85132. Contact your county recorder, contact information below, to request a ballot by mail. For more voting options please utilize our Voter Dashboard.

Voting on Election Day

Pinal County utilizes polling places. Polling places are voting locations that are assigned to individual voters. Counties that utilize polling places provide a polling place in each voting precinct, and every voter in that specific precinct must go to their assigned polling place on Election Day in order to receive their official ballot. Click the button below to view Pinal County's polling place list!

Pinal's Polling Place Locator

Pinal's Polling Place List

Voter Education Tools

  • Voter Dashboard - The Commission's most dynamic tool for voters, find your district, registration status, voting locations and more!
  • Find My Candidates - Find information on the candidates running in the August 2, 2022 Primary Election!
  • Debates - Submit questions or watch online
  • Voter Education Guide - View statements & contact information from the candidates
  • Candidate Compass - Which of Arizona's state and legislative candidates aligns with the issues you care about most?


    Contact Information

    County Recorder
    Virginia Ross
    31 North Pinal Street, Building E
    Florence, AZ 85132
    T.D.D. 520-866-6851
    [email protected]

    Go to Website

    Interim Election Director
    David Frisk
    188 South Main Street
    Coolidge, AZ 85128
    T.D.D. 520-866-6059
    [email protected]

    Go to Website

    Voting FAQ

    1. When are the polls open?

    Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day. Don't forget your ID!

    2. Can I vote early in the Primary?

    Absolutely. If you are registered with a political party and on the Active Early Voting List (AEVL), you will automatically receive a ballot in your mailbox beginning July 6, 2022. Voters not on AEVL may make a one-time early ballot request or sign up for the Active Early Voting List, by contacting their County Recorder's Office.

    3. What if I have an emergency and can't vote on Election Day?

    Early voting is available through 5pm the Friday before Election Day. If a voter cannot vote during the early voting period, emergency voting is available beginning 5pm the Friday before Election Day through 5pm the Monday before Election Day. Voters must sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that they have an emergency that prevents them from voting on Election Day (voters do not need to disclose what the emergency is).

    4. Do I need ID to vote early?

    It depends. If you vote early by mail, ID is not required. Your signature on the early ballot affidavit is compared to your voter registration record by the County Recorder to determine if the signature is valid.

    ID is required if you vote early in person, or at a polling place or voting center on Election Day. Use our "ID at the Polls" Quiz to determine if you have sufficient identification!

    5. How do I find information on candidates?

    The Citizens Clean Elections Commission has mailed a Voter Education Guide to every household with a registered voter. The Guide contains statements, photos and contact information for candidates running for Statewide Office and the State Legislature. Voter Education Guides will be received in home before early voting begins.

    6. How can military & overseas voters (UOCAVA) get a ballot?

    Military and Overseas voters have special voting rights under federal and state law (Uniformed & Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA)). These rights include the use of a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to register to vote and request an early ballot as well as the use of a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB), which serves as an emergency back-up ballot. Learn More

    7. Do I have to vote everything on my ballot?

    No, voters do not have to vote everything on their ballot. The votes they do cast will still be counted. However, we encourage voters to vote down the ballot as local races, propositions, judges, etc. can impact voters' daily lives.