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This page is intended to explain how a polling place voting model works. It is not specific to the current election. Each county determines their voting model for every election. Please visit the detail pages for your county and how to vote under the Upcoming Elections tab.

Polling Place

Polling places are voting locations that are assigned to individual voters. Counties that utilize polling places provide a polling place in each voting precinct, and every voter in that specific precinct must go to their assigned polling place on Election Day in order to receive their official ballot.

Can I go to any Polling Place?

No. Voters must go to their assigned polling place. Polling places are only equipped to provide official ballots to those registered voters that are in the specific precinct for that polling place location. If a voter goes to the wrong polling place, they will not be able to receive the correct ballot style for their voting precinct. The poll worker should notify the voter of their correct polling place location; however, if a voter chooses to stay at the incorrect polling place, they have the right to vote a provisional ballot. This provisional ballot may not count if the County Recorder determines the voter was not at the correct polling place.

How do I find my polling place?

You can visit our Upcoming Elections page for more information. Additionally, if you are not on the Permanent Early Voting List, your county will mail you a sample ballot about 11 days before the election. This sample ballot will also include the location of your assigned polling place.

What do I need to bring with me to the Polling Place?

Voters must provide ID at the polls. Check out our ID at the Polls tool to help you determine which ID can be used. Also, bring your Voter Education Guide, sample ballot and any other materials you have that will help you in casting your ballot.

If you have any county specific questions or suggestions, please reach out to your County Elections Department.