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Statement regarding support for Citizens Clean Elections Commission’s Executive Director Tom Collins in relation to false allegations about candidate information on the Clean Elections website.

August 7, 2018

PHOENIX – August 7, 2018—The Citizens Clean Elections Commission’s Chairman Damien Meyer and Commissioner Amy Chan issued the following statements in support of Executive Director Tom Collins and in response to unfounded claims made regarding candidate information on the Clean Elections website.

“Yesterday, Director Collins was personally and unfairly attacked, and his integrity was called into question. The allegations leveled against Director Collins were false. While the allegations have been withdrawn, they should never have been made,” stated Chairman Meyer. “I have worked with Tom for my entire tenure as a Commissioner, and never once have I questioned his ethics, morals, or integrity. Director Collins is a model public servant. He has served and continues to serve the State of Arizona and this Commission with honor.”

“I have worked with Tom for many years, as both a former Elections Director for the State of Arizona and now as a Commissioner, and he has shown nothing but professionalism and honor at every turn,” said Commissioner Amy Chan. “To falsely attack him on such a personal level is inexcusable and the allegation was defamatory. Upon learning of the false allegation, I never questioned Tom’s honesty and integrity. I continue to support Tom as the Commission’s Executive Director and stand with him in his service to and vision in support of the Commission.”