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What is a Primary Election?

A primary election serves to narrow down each recognized political party's candidates. The candidates that win the nomination in the primary election advance to the general election. Arizona has an open primary which allows voters registered as "independent" to participate by designating to their County Recorder which partisan ballot they would like to receive.

This page is about the process in primary elections. For specific information on how to vote in the August 2, 2022 primary, please visit that page

Understanding the Process

1. Register to vote
Registration Requirements:
  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be an Arizona Resident.
  • Be 18 years of age.
  • Be able to write your name (unless prevented by disability)
  • Have Civil Rights restored (if convicted of a felony)
2022 July5 Deadline

2. Early Voting Begins
Independent Voters:

1) If you are on the Active Early Voting List, make sure to contact your County Recorder's Office to specify what ballot type you'd like to receive.

2) If you choose to go to the polling sites on Election Day, simply request your ballot type from a Poll Worker.

2022 JUL.6

3. Deadline to request a ballot by mail
Make sure to get your request for an early/replacement ballot by mail in by 5pm today!
2022 JUL.22 Deadline

4. Last day to mail your ballot
If you still have a ballot by mail, be sure to drop it in the mail today, to ensure it arrives at the tabulation center on time!
2022 JUL.26 Deadline

5. Last day to vote early in person by 5pm
2022 JUL.29 Deadline

6. Election Day!
Polls are open from 6am - 7pm today! Make sure you have your ID when you arrive at the polls. If you still have a ballot by mail, you can skip the line and drop it off.
2022 AUG.2