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Brief information on voting as an Independent in Arizona. For more info, check out @YavapaiCountyVotes

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What Elections You Can Participate In

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Primary Elections
Arizona has an open primary provision. This means that Independent voters are still eligible to vote in the primaries!

To participate, an Independent Voter must specify which ballot type they would like to vote. See the instructions below on how to select your ballot.
General Elections
An Independent Voter is not required to do anything different during the General Election.

The nominees from each party in the primary election will appear on the same general election ballot.
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Presidential Preference Elections
Independent voters must change their voter registration to participate in the PPE.

Since the provision for open primaries does not apply to this particular election, every voter needs to be affiliated with the party in which they choose to vote.

How to receive your ballot for the Primary Elections

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How to request a ballot by mail
Early Voting
To receive a ballot in the mail, you must contact your County Recorder's Office to specify the ballot type you wish to be sent to you. If you are on the Permanent Early Voting List, you still need to contact your County Recorder.
How to request a ballot at the polling location
Election Day
Independent Voters who vote in-person need to tell a poll worker which party ballot they wish to vote. This can either occur at an early voting location or on election day.
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Independent Voters FAQ

Can I request a non-partisan ballot?
Local jurisdictions (cities and towns) sometimes have non-partisan elections that can coincide with the statewide primary election. Independent voters who wish to vote in the statewide primary election, must choose either: A partisan ballot (Democratic or Republican)*. Partisan ballots also contain the non-partisan jurisdictional elections. Or, A non-partisan, jurisdictional only ballot. These ballots only contain the non-partisan, local jurisdiction election (such as a non-partisan City Council race).
Independent voters need to contact their county recorder's office to make their selection.

*The Libertarian Party has a closed primary.

Can independent voters vote in the primary election?
Yes. Arizona has an Open Primary and voters that are not registered with a recognized political party (Independents) are able to request a partisan ballot. Who gets which ballot in a primary election?

Democratic Voter → Democratic Party Ballot
Libertarian Voter → Libertarian Party Ballot
Republican Voter → Republican Party Ballot
Independent Voter → Democratic OR Republican Party Ballot (may only choose one)*

*The Libertarian Party has a closed primary. Independent voters who vote by mail must contact their County Recorder to designate which partisan ballot they want mailed to them. Local, non-partisan ballots may be available. Check with your county recorder's office.

Can I vote early in the primary?
Absolutely. If you are registered with a political party and on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), you will automatically receive a ballot in your mailbox. Independent voters, that are on PEVL, must contact their County Recorder to designate which partisan ballot (or potentially a non-partisan ballot if available) they would like to receive. Voters not on PEVL may make a one-time early ballot request or sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List, by contacting their county recorder's office.

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