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This page is intended to explain how a vote center voting model works. It is not specific to the current election. Each county determines their voting model for every election. Please visit the detail pages for your county and how to vote under the Upcoming Elections tab.

Vote Centers

Vote Centers are voting locations available on Election Day is certain counties. Vote Centers are different than polling places in that any eligible voter can visit a vote center in their county and receive and cast their ballot.

Can I go to any Vote Center?

Yes! The great thing about vote centers is voters can go to ANY vote center in their county. Vote centers are equipped with the proper materials so they can look up any registered voter in the county and provide them with their official ballot. This allows the voter to select the vote center location that is most convenient to them.

Where do I find Vote Center locations?

You can visit our Election Detail page, our Voter Dashboard or download the Clean Elections app for vote center locations in your county (if applicable). Choose the location that's most convenient for you.

What do I need to bring with me to the Vote Center?

Voters must provide ID at the polls/vote centers. Check out our ID at the Polls tool to help you determine which ID you have can be used. Also, bring your Voter Education Guide, sample ballot and any other materials you have that will help you in casting your ballot.

If you have any county specific questions or suggestions, please reach out to your County Elections Department.