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When it comes time to vote, voters get to decide how they want to receive their official ballot. This includes if a voter want to cast their ballot before Election Day. In-person early voting is available beginning 27 days before every Election Day.

When are in-person early voting locations available?

In-person early voting locations are available beginning 27 days before the election through the Friday before Election Day. Hours of operation may vary by location. Locations typically include the County Recorder's Office, as well as designated locations across the voter's county.

Voters can find a list of onsite early voting locations by visiting our election detail page.

Do I need ID to vote early in person?

No. When a voter requests an early ballot, either by mail or at an in-person early voting location, identification is not required. Instead, their identify is verified on the corresponding ballot affidavit envelope. Voters must sign this envelope in order for their ballot to be counted.

County election staff receives professional training to verify the signature on the affidavit envelope matches the signature on the voter's registration form. If the county is unable to determine a match, staff will contact the voter to verify their identify. If the voter's identity is verified, the ballot will count.

How can I vote early in-person if my election is all Ballot by Mail?

The County Recorder and/or Officer in Charge of Elections may determine that an election will be "All Ballot by Mail". This means that the county will automatically mail a ballot to every eligible voter, regardless if they requested it. The county will set up ballot replacement centers throughout the county where voters can receive a replacement ballot if they never received theirs, or spoiled their ballot and need a new one.

For those voters that prefer to vote in person, they may also visit a ballot replacement center to receive their ballot in person and vote it onsite. On Election Day, there will not be traditional polling places, only ballot replacement centers. Ballot replacement centers do not require identification, as all voters will receive a ballot affidavit envelope and their signature will be subsequently verified by county election staff prior to tabulation.