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What is the Presidential Preference Election?

The Presidential Preference Election (PPE), is an election in which voters can choose who they would like to be their presidential candidate in the upcoming General Election. Party winners of the Arizona PPE are officially determined at the party's national convention.

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Understanding the Process

1. Register to vote
Participating Parties:
  • Only voters registered with the participating parties can vote in the PPE.
  • Participating parties will be determined closer to the election.
2024 FEB.20 Deadline

Why do I have to register as one of the participating parties?

The provision for an open primary does not apply to the PPE. This means that only voters of a specific party may vote on that party's ballot. Independent voters may change their voter registration to a designated party by February 20, 2024. After the election, voters may change their registration back to Independent if they so choose.

2. Election Day!

Make sure your ballot has been cast.

2024 MAR.19

3. Nominees are finalized at respective party's national conventions
Delegates will travel to their party's national convention and cast their vote for which presidential candidate will appear on the General Election ballot.
2024 July

4. General Election Day!
Voters will voice their choice and elect the next President of the United States.
2024 NOV.05