U.S. Senators

About the U.S. Senate:

The Senate is considered the upper chamber of congress. Every state elects two U.S. Senators that make up the 100 members in the Senate. These senators are elected to serve six-year terms and are a part of the Legislative branch of government. Their constitutional powers include; proposing legislation, drafting or amending bills, filibuster(delay or block legislation via prolonged debate), oversight of the federal budget, and the executive branch by approving or rejecting presidential appointees for agencies. The Senate approves treaties with foreign nations that were negotiated by the Executive branch. The Senate also has the power to convict an executive or judicial official with a two-thirds vote in an impeachment trial. The Vice President is considered the President of the Senate but can only vote if there is a tie. There are 20 committees in the U.S. Senate.

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