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About the Arizona Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court in Arizona is the highest court in the state and is sometimes referred to as “The court of last resort” The Supreme Court’s essential legal obligations are to review appeals and to give rules of procedure for every court in Arizona. There are a total of seven justices that serve six-year terms on the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice serves for a term of five years and is selected by his or her fellow justices on the supreme court. The Chief Justice is responsible for managing the administrations of all the courts in the state, regulating the State Bar of Arizona’s actions, reviews charges of misconduct by lawyers and judges, and the Chief Justice presides over impeachment trials in the Senate but cannot make a judicial decision. The Arizona Supreme Court has discretionary jurisdiction which means the court has the option to decline to review cases that originated in the lower courts. Cases that involve a defendant being sentenced to death are immediately sent to the Arizona Supreme Court for judicial review.

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