Superintendent of Public Instruction

About the Superintendent of Public Instruction:

The Superintendent of Public Instruction is elected to office to serve the state of Arizona as its head of the Department of Education. In Arizona, voters elect a Superintendent of Public Instruction during midterm election years. Superintendents of Public instruction are limited to two consecutive terms. His or her duties include; enforce the State Board of Education’s policies, distributing state education funds to the counties every year, issuing school materials and supplies, determining the course of study, administrative instruction, issue teachers certificates, auditing school officials accounts with the Auditor General, budgets for school transportation and the superintendent also works with the State Board of Education to create and achieve standards for all Arizona public schools. The office of Superintendent is a part of the Executive branch or department of the state’s government. Education governance in Arizona is structured like a pyramid with the local government as the foundation, then the State in the middle, and the Federal government at the top.

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