About the Governor:

The Governor of Arizona is the leader of the state and heads the executive branch of the Arizona government. He or she is also the Commander in Chief of Arizona’s National Guard. The governor is elected by a popular vote to a four-year term. The governor may not serve more than two terms, consecutively. The Governor’s duties include; informing the budgeting process, appointing state directors and justices, replacing vacated seats in the Senate, signing bills into law, or allowing bills to become law by not signing them. The Governor also has the ability to veto a bill in order to block it from becoming legislation. However, the legislature can either accept the Governor’s veto or reject it with a two-thirds vote. The Governor has the authority to sign executive orders and/or call the Legislature into Special session for urgent action. Except for treason and cases of impeachment, The Governor has the power to grant reprieves, commutation, and pardons, after conviction. There is no lieutenant governor in Arizona. The Secretary of State is next in line in succession should the Governor leave office due to death, resignation, or impeachment.

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