County Board of Supervisors

About the County Board of Supervisors:

The County Board of Supervisors are elected to four-year terms and provide direction to the County Administrator and several other county departments. The board is like the City Council, except its jurisdiction covers all the county and unincorporated areas. Board members decide the county tax rate and approve the county budget. The County Board of Supervisors oversees health, road, parks, libraries, law enforcement, and other municipal services. The Board also has the power to fill vacancies in the county and legislative offices, other boards and commissions, pass resolutions and enact ordinances and regulations as authorized by state law. The Board has the authority to make decisions on a variety of issues, such as zoning changes, resolutions, and ordinances. Additionally, the board of supervisors has the power to remove and replace election precincts, appoint election inspectors and judges as well as canvass election returns, declare election results, and issue certificates.

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