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Candidates & Campaign Treasurers

Candidates who are participating in the Clean Elections funding program are required to attend a workshop. Campaign treasurers are encouraged to attend as well.

You'll learn about:
  • Qualifying for Clean Elections funding
  • Collecting $5 Qualifying Contributions
  • Campaign Finance requirements
  • Voter Education Tools
  • And more



Online Workshops

All workshops are held at the Clean Elections Office, unless otherwise noted.


Clean Elections Workshop Instructions

  1. Access the TraCorp portal at: https://adoa.server.tracorp.com
  2. Click 'Create Non State Worker Account'
  3. Fill out these sections under Required Information: Email, First Name, Last Name, Create Password and use access code: 29bc64b8
  4. Under Additional Registration Information fill out sections below and Click Create Account: Home Address, Home Phone Number, Mobile Number, City, State & Postal Code (if Home & Mobile number are the same, enter twice)
  5. An email from ADOA will be generated & sent to candidate with Username info
  6. Log into TraCorp portal, with assigned Username & Password you created
  7. Once logged in Check the Assigned Content box
  8. Under Search field, Enter course EC100
  9. Click the course titled Clean Elections Workshop
  10. Click Assign & Launch
  11. Click Begin Course, check Next & follow instructions
  12. At End of Course, last slide, complete Training Attestation, Check “I Agree” and Check Submit

Contact Information

1616 W. Adams, Suite 110
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Main Phone: 602-364-3477
Toll-Free: 877-631-8891
Fax: 602-364-3487
Email: ccec@azcleanelections.gov

Location Map