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Constitution Week

On August 2, 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially enacted Constitution Week as September 17 through September 23rd. The Daughters of the American Revolution petitioned congress for a resolution to promote the education and study of America’s founding document.

Clean Elections is happy to celebrate Constitution Week with students and educators across the state as a part of our youth voter outreach initiative. On this page you will find video resources to play on demand in the classroom. These include a video from election experts with Clean Elections that provides an overview of the different branches of government, separation of powers, and how voting and elections work. Additionally, in partnership with the Civic Education & Community Engagement Committee, we are pleased to bring you the Civics Storytelling Series - a collection of civic inspiration stories and autobiographies read by local community leaders.

For more resources to celebrate Constitution Week, please visit the Arizona Department of Education’s Civic Education & Community Engagement Program website.

Civic StoryTelling Videos

Clean Elections, in partnership with the Civic Education & Community Engagement Committee, spent time with local community leaders to bring educators and students stories and autobiographies to inspire and promote civic engagement.

  • Government and Voting 101 Gina Roberts & Avery Xola
  • Senator Martín QuezadaThe Story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Biography Book for New Readers
  • Amy B. ChanClean Elections Commissioner The Story of John Lewis: A Biography Book for Young Readers
  • Tara Ijai Founding Revolutionary of Love Glasses Revolution LLC Your Voice is Your Superpower
  • Stephanie Parra ALL in Education The Life of/ La Vida de Dolores
  • David Martinez III Vitalyst Health Foundation Grace for President
  • Kelsey Dickerson Autobiography
    Arizona Humane Society
  • Greyson Taylor Autobiography
    African American Reconstruction LLC
  • Joe Delgardo Autobiography Voting Ambassador for AZSOS
  • Lisa Magaña Autobiography
    ASU - Professor School of Transborder Studies
  • Mel Hannah Autobiography
    Charter Member Arizona African American Legislative Committee
  • Katie Hobbs Autobiography
    Secretary of State
  • Anusha NatarajanResearch aid at The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership at ASU Sometimes People March

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