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February 1st through the 26th, 2020

The African American Conference on Disabilities (AACD), co-founded by David Carey with Ability360 and Renaldo Fowler with the Arizona Center for Disability Law, is the only comprehensive conference in the United States that addresses the intersection between race and disabilities. African Americans with disabilities face challenges of race and disability discrimination that the broader community overlooks and views with indifference. AACD is open to all individuals, families and organizations who are interested in learning and eliminating barriers. The goals of the conference are to find and develop solutions, build strong communities, eliminate barriers and create opportunities for persons with disabilities, Provide the African American community, organizations and individuals who service the community, with cultural and linguistic competent information and resources.

Cualquier persona con una discapacidad puede solicitar una adaptación razonable, como un intérprete de lenguaje de señas, poniéndose en contacto con la Comisión al (602) 364-3477. Las solicitudes deben hacerse lo antes posible para dar tiempo a organizar el alojamiento.