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¿Quieres saber rápidamente dónde los candidatos se destacan en los temas importantes para ti? La brújula candidata pide a los candidatos y votantes las mismas preguntas sobre temas importantes, para que los votantes puedan ver a qué candidatos se alinearon basándose en respuestas similares. Todo para que pueda votar informado.

La brújula candidata estará disponible para el 2022 elecciones primarias y generales!

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The Candidate Compass tool does not endorse or promote candidates.   The tool is available for voters to access candidate information, as provided by the candidates, and compare the candidates’ responses to the voter’s. Voters may access the responses for all candidates in the Candidate Compass tool.

Attention Independent Voters:   Selecting "None (Independent)" in the drop down above will display all partisan candidates for each office. Please note the Libertarian Party has a closed primary so an independent voter cannot select the Libertarian Party ballot in the primary. An independent voter would need to re-register as a Libertarian by July 6, 2020 if they would like to vote the Libertarian ballot in the August 4th Primary Election.